How is Arrogance?

How does arrogance within a person reveal itself?  The arrogant one believes they are in full control of the situations around them. When arrogance is grouped together in more than one, it feeds off itself, each displaying their own particular quality of this trait.  The unspoken rule goes something like this, “I develop mine; you respond to the stimulus developing your own. I respond back to yours and in this way, we move forward and can feel safe within the atmosphere we have surrounded ourselves with.”  The sad part of all this is that neither singularly nor as a group can they recognise, or are even willing to acknowledge that they are flawed. None can comprehend that they are hubristic. I would like to put forward, that this decadent nature is part of a lawless mentality, a criminal arrogance, particularly in the case of MRI (MacAnthony Real-estate International) now deceased and defunct, thanks to the economic cycle of things, along with the Spanish law firm, Martinez-Echevarria Perez and Ferrero. When it permeates through a board of directors, not only does it just infest one group, but can cement several infestations together were it festers and breeds like a contagious virus.  The black death of the corporate structure, which extends its killing potential by slithering down any structure that is endeavours to create, infecting those that are weak minded and are willing to embrace as they perceive the personal gains.

I am going to jump to a human visual appearance of this trait, then carry the article on after the mug shots.

So what does the face of criminal arrogance look like? These images were taken off the web. I did not create them myself, but by others who have the same view of this corporate gook. A part of their arrogance, reveals itself through violence and misappropriated legal aggressiveness against those they have done wrong, hence BULLY! It is a just remark.


These are the BOSS men, Darren MacAnthony and Dominic Pickering, the ones that carry all the responsibility and are accountable not only for their own actions, but everyone else’s.  Next, another collective pool of gunge, this is what they look like.


This corporate collection of Spanish lawyers, Martinez-Echevarria Perez and Ferrero, falsely promoted as independent, which are the disgusting faces of crime which hides behind a false respectability generated by wealth. Without this legal body fully behind the scam, it could not have functioned as it did.

Next we have the employees, Nigel Woolfenden the MRI salesman, and Michael Atiles the Capital Finance adviser, whose photograph luckily for him, I have not been able to locate. This slimy looking creature fits the right character description though. Without the false projection of the ability to obtain mortgages, again this scam could not have happened.  It took more than one element to steal my wealth, salespeople, mortgage consultant and lawyers who premeditated an act of fraud willingly. Just as a quick mention, the contractors are not innocent bystanders, but contribute with full consent into the deception.


Some of its members present an outward appearance of educated wisdom, not knowing that to the truly enlightened and wizened mind, they look particularly foolish. It is comprehended for what it really is, nothing more than an attempt to appear like, or to be something that they are not.   To elaborate, the illusion here is that they do not see themselves as crooks, and even if they do it is something to be embraced. They may even perceive themselves as being a moral acceptable role model of a society, something which they are most definitely not. They exist in a state of delusional self-greatness, which is produced by bumptiousness and a conceited attitude, coupled with an overdose of arrogance and miss appropriated pride.  It is similar to the merry-go-round; one always ends back in the same spot in a very short space of time. Believing that one event has given way to another, arrogance just blunders on, not understanding that it has been simply reborn itself in a different guise. Never to break free from the merry-go-round cycle, it ingrains itself into the character of an individual or collective. It is just as difficult to break away from, as it is impossible to separate the sugar and milk from tea once they have been introduced together and vigorously mixed. Of course, if those concerned are not even aware of their corrupt nature, there will be no attempt to put it to rights, only to keep manoeuvring through any potential gain it has produced for them. Arrogance is coupled with contempt, and through both these human character flaws, MRI worked its deadly scam of relieving investors dishonesty of their cash. I should know, as a first hand victim of their criminal activity.

Am I right to present these people in this way? They stole my home through a collective criminal presentation of false property investment. I was a homeowner, now reduced to renting, and I can never get back onto the property ladder. Six years later, after many attempts to get my money returned, homelessness is slowly closing in. Arrogance prevents them from believing they have done anything wrong. They lined their own rich pockets destroying my wealth and life, and to date, they have not been made accountable for this criminal activity, because the system is inadequate to bring them to justice. Either too expensive for the common person to afford, or overly corruptible to prevent justice from taking place. They won; I lost, and crime pays according to my circumstances. It pays to be a heartless, ruthless liar and deceiver.  Yes, I believe I am right to write as I do, and will continue to be so until they give me back what they stole, which is highly unlikely ever going to happen. Their pride and arrogance forbids them to believe that they need to do anything, except to revel and enjoy their ill-gotten gain.  I am just another insignificant punter out of many that is not to be concerned about.

Here is another that has joined the entourage of corruption. Antinio Flores. Read about him and the others in my book – Burning Down The Bricks.

Antinio Flores Vila

I have written several blogs about my experience, and this one has started with this character flaw of “Arrogance.” Very appropriately as far as I am concerned, the arrogances of Darragh MacAnthony and Dominic Pickering, and their board of directors from the now demised company MRI. When mixed with pride and ignorance, which resulted in wealth gain through the corporate machine, a truly wicked personality emerges. Wicked or even “Evil.” A word that means, “deliberate intent to harm or deprive others.” Look it up in the dictionary, the word covers a lot more than just the extreme that most will associate it with.  Now we have defined its nature; the written word appears to be the only tool left to use against these lovers who lust for power and wealth.   Alternatively, one could assume that such an image takes on the guise of something different, such as the MRI corporate operation and its board of directors. One can instantly and unmistakably see the similar traits, threats and a brutish mentality, greed, corruption, scheming mentality to commit fraud, a lack of compassion for others, arrogance in abundance, selfish pride and last but not least, a very black heart vibrantly displaying a contempt for others.

I thought others might like to read the true nature of Darragh MacAnthony, Dominic Pickering, and the Spanish Martinez-Echevarria law firm they joined forces with.  Gain some insight into the property investment market and its well hidden scams. Even if you do not, I have written it anyway and will produce many others. I have written a book that goes into a great deal of detail.  Maybe not the best-written book in the world, nevertheless, it gets the message across. If you would like to know the full story behind the above, and would like to make some assessment for yourself, or be critical of me, then it is on Amazon for kindle. You can get a PDF copy from my site for the same price, even a free PDF copy if you follow me on twitter. Scroll down the tweets list until you get to the right tweet post, click on the link and a PDF should open up, then press save.

Maybe a paper back in time, why not? I cannot think of a single reason why not. There is no sign that they will ever put this wrong to rights, they are too arrogant and wicked to do so. Would it not be good if they could surprise everyone and do the right thing? This will leave a permanent record that they will never be able to do anything about, a global public record of their collective crooked ways.  Furthermore, it will leave stains on their characters that they will never be able cleanse themselves of.  Time is running out to avert such an action. I only want my money back, I had no intention of publicly besmirching anyone, but if that is the way it has to be, then that is the way it will have to be.

If you are considering an international property investment, this could save you a lot of cash and heartache if you read this first. Avoid the traps that I fell into, remember I lost my home, and I am not the first and neither will I be the last.

I lost my home through corporate corruption, a syndicate of companies which are highlighted in these pages. This inspired me to write my book Burning Down The Bricks. If you are considering an international property investment, this could save you a lot of cash and heartache if you read this first. Avoid the traps that I fell into, remember I lost my home, and I am not the first and neither will I be the last. Find it on Amazon.

3DBurningDownThe Bricks

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