The Non-Investigation and More

How did MacAnthony Real-estate International (MRI) deal with complaints?  I can tell you it is not the way Mr. Darragh MacAnthony claims they do.  I am not going to reproduce my original complaint letter to MRI. It was four A4 pages long, and repeats much of the content that is in my book, Burning Down the Bricks, and some of it twice. There was one further page of complaints against the Martinez lawyer group and two more pages of updated complaints submitted later.  That complaint did generate a response, and that is what you are going to see next: an unedited, authentic copy of the original e-mail reply, in an image format.  I bet some of you are expecting to see a blank space, indicating that the generated response was NOTHING!  Well, not quite: take a look at it in all its glory and magnificence.

Investigation em

Now we are getting to the NOTHING bit, because that was the conclusion of this offer by MRI to “investigate in full my complaint.” NOTHING! Even after my lawyer sent e-mails to MRI requesting that they bring the investigation to a conclusion – this would be in March-April 2008 – he never received any response. Notice the polite and courteous language, a ruse knowing they had no intention of putting this situation to rights. Or an honesty MRI employer duped by the crooks he was employed by. There were several additional communications from me after the receipt of that e-mail reproduced above, as nothing appeared to be happening. I had just one further response. My case was to be put before one of the directors within the next week. After that there was total silence. I suspect Mr. Adams was no longer in employment with MRI, as it was impossible to talk to him again, and there was no one to replace him in this role. The last e-mail I sent to MRI was a threat to pursue them no matter how long it took. Maybe a book might do the job.

So what did happen to MR. Jonathan Adams, the Client Solutions Manager we see clearly presented in this MRI document? Maybe someday the mystery will unfold, but six years later with no light to shine on the events, maybe never.

I will make this next remark many times. MRI had no intention of ever giving anything back from that which it obtained through its corrupt trading practices. The only time they will give way, is when faced with criminal prosecution. When jail sentences or extremely heavy fines are about to be stuffed up the noses of these corporate corrupt individuals, only then will they surrender back that ill-gotten gain. That also requires corrupting or duping a court and the victims to accept the return of their finances to avoid collecting criminal records. With the court case now successfully diverted, Darragh MacAnthony and his lackeys can stick their smutty faces around the global community claiming they had never done anything wrong. Particularly, if they can stiffly any press covering of an out-of-court settlement.

This may well have happened in 2013, when a peculiar set of events took place around a furniture pack class action in Spain. Earlier 2013 the case was thrown out of the court, after one and half years in court. Late 2013 it was re-opened. I do not know the actual details around this as those concerned have committed themselves to a code of silence. If the case has now been re-opened, next we should see some action sometime in 2014. If nothing develops, then my original assumption must be correct.

There is not a lot of hope that I will ever get my home back. These rich con men are still free and enjoy a freedom they should not keep. Will justice ever come about? The way things are right now I would access, No! A miracle is needed, and they are very short on demand.

One point that should be considered, at the time of making these complaints, I did not have the clarity or complete understand of the corrupt activities of MRI and Martinez-Echevarria lawyers as I do now, some seven years later. Over time from many different sources, the extent of the criminal operation of MRI has become exposed. I can now structure all the arguments of my case with clarity and confidence. The point to be considered is that all the Spanish lawyers I approached back in 2007 to 2009; never saw many of the points that are at present very obvious. One of those is that I was denied impartial and independent advice from the lawyers promoted by MRI. Both parties broke international and Spanish law, yet not one of the half-dozen lawyers I approached picked up on that. The action of the Martinez lawyers I have been informed invalidates all the contracts. The Excessive demand of commission payments by MRI from the contractors from the property sales prices, made them far from being any investment. In other words, MRI falsified its presentations on capital growth in an already collapse market. They blatantly presented a property to a client solely based on their commission gain, and not if the property was a good investment for that particular client’s requirements. The case is very clear cut, yet I cannot get anyone to do anything about it without an expense far beyond my means. I mean way beyond my resources; we are not only talking in the low thousands such as in a class action of £6,000, just to get the case going. Costs could rise up to £ 50,000, which could exceed £100,000 quite easily. It is a disgraceful situation, when this sort of criminal behaviour that destroys a person or families’ home, compliments “crime pays” through an inadequate system that only favours the wealthy. Furthermore, insufficient state legislation, European or local that does not provide the structure of law that can be utilised to put a situation like mine to rights. This allows crooks like MacAnthony and the Martinez-Echevarria lawyers to get away with it.

I complained directly to the MRI salesperson. Even though he had been sacked, he was still around, now working for another agent. I told him that the first property from the initial contractor was well overpriced; his response was simply that he believed it was not. At another point, even though everything was not as clear as it would later become, I thought I was being threatened with the Russian Mafia. It was something inserted into a sentence that, without being an outright threat, could be construed as a threat, but nothing could be proven.

I complained about Martinez-Echevarria, Perez y Ferrero to the local Consumer Protection body which achieved a certain amount of success. It did not help to get any money back, but it did put the boot in a little. Martinez-Echevarria, Perez y Ferrero was situated with their own table in the MRI office surrounded by MRI staff. It is illegal for a company that runs a high street walk-in service to do to this, to share the same office. It cost me the fee for another translator to go to the Consumer Office and fill in all the forms. I made three visits in all and each time I had to pay the translator for a minimum of one hour at 20 Euros per hour, even though we were only in the office for 15 minutes on the last visit. I could spend a whole chapter on this, but there is no need to, and I do not want to. The point is that I did try to do something apart from legal action, even though it did very little to help.

I did receive a telephone call direct from the Consumer Protection body, in only just comprehensible English. They encouraged me to carry on pressuring the Martinez lawyers and MRI. I discovered, on one of the return trips back to Spain; they had obviously done something within what power they had. The lawyer from that point on had a separate office detached from the MRI office, but close by. The only problem was when I first received that call, I was then back in Greece, and could not take the issue any further. It should have dawned on you by now that I was seriously handicapped by this move to Greece. I could not keep on top of things, which contributed to being duped more easily. On the other hand, there was no choice; the occurring illness of these events drove me out. I could only recover with some distance between me and Spanish soil and a very different setting. If the rhythm of this post does not ring clear with this reference to Greece, it is explained in my book, and I have no intention of inserting whole chapters here.

The details are outlined in my book; it is worth the £1.99 just to get yourself informed.

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